5 Boro Tour.

a number of years ago I went up to NYC with my then girlfriend... now wife... and we rode the Bike New York 5 Boro Bike Tour
it was madness back then
it was chaos back then
there was congestion and back up
but it was fun

at the sound of the gun my "free hub" broke
my rear wheel died at the start... literally
I had been riding around that morning... in fact there... back to the apartment we were staying to get the forgotten helmets... and back again
the rear wheel worked for what must have been more than six miles

had to buy a rear wheel and have the cassette transferred over... then raced to catch up with Lisa and her friends...
at the spit in Central Park she went one way and I went the other

it was still fun...
but really
this sort of event it not for everyone
and well... if this sort of event is not for you
rather than complain... just don't get involved
for many... this is the ride of the year
for others... it is just not their thing

Complaints in the Gothamist about the Bike NY 5 Boro Bike Tour

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