mixed... the response to me and my camera can be mixed...

last night I stepped out with the camera and snapped a few shots of some people riding their bikes around the 16th Street border of Mount Pleasant and Columbia Heights
tried to get some commuters as they passed under the setting sun

as per usual... there was a mixture of responses to the strange man with the camera

earlier on this day not far from this spot in "pigeon park" I heard some banter in Spanish... I did not listen close enough to try and translate things
but I did hear "photographia" or something to that effect
some people do not like their photo to be taken
these men in the park did not have bicycles... so they had nothing to worry about my camera being pointed in their direction
yet they moved out of clear site just the same

maybe photographia is the phobia of cameras

then back to the evening...
I snapped a few photos... I ran into some friends... and I took a phone call
people passed and I snapped away as I talked on the phone
some people smiled... others looked bewildered... then there was another who was irate
sometimes there are people who are angered and agitated by the camera being pointed in their direction

this woman was angry and aggressive... I tried to be respectful... but I was somewhat distracted
my fault... my attention was split
I tried to share the the information about my blog all while deleting the image

she was angry
I think that her anger... much like my own... does not always have to do with the encounter of the moment... but something different... something different

hopefully she remembered the name of my blog and can find peace in my intentions being benign

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