need to schedule a race... need to schedule a dirt ride

Classic Gwadzilla image of Tinker at the 24 Hours of Big Bear a few years back

yesterday was the Big Bear 12X2
I was not in attendance

my time is not my own...
both my boys had soccer games
one of which I had to coach

then after the games there was a post season party
a party that I organized and hosted at Cactus Cantina
the kids love Cactus Cantina... I love Cactus Cantina

and then after that...
there was a mellow "play date" until the late afternoon
in the evening we had a party to go to
a going away party for a family from my sons' school that is moving back to Holland
on this day their daughter had the soccer game of her life... I selected her as MVP
we do not always have MVPs for the games

it was merited
young Maria was glowing when she got her post season award and then also an official team soccer ball!
she really did have a great game!

sure I would have loved to race
but my day was nice just the same
it just did not involve the bike

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