up to 24 for one and up to 26 for the other

dean and grant riding their bikes home from school
this is a road that cuts through the back of the National Zoo

the boys have been down this road so many times that I am not sure if they even notice the smells or the sites

the road passes along the outskirts
but closer to Conn. Ave you can see some Ibex or some other long twisty horned animal

how many people pass Ibex on their bike ride home from school?

no hands...
both the boys riding no hands

each of the boys on their "old bikes"
Dean has just moved up to a 26 inch wheel bike... than you DCMTB friend and captain Chris Clarke
which has Grant adopting the 24 inch GT as a hand-me-down from Dean

which means...
time for the boys to each adjust to a different bike with a different feel

both the boys were getting too larger for their bikes
now their bikes are each perhaps if nothing else feeling slightly large for them

there will be a learning curve
hopefully not an excess of crashes

I have been coaching them to take it easy and to try and get to know the bikes
really the each need some miles on these new unfamiliar bikes

the larger bikes with the larger wheels are far from second nature to them
it will take some adjustment

as said...
they need miles and time

I could use some miles and some time on my bikes

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