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was WABA involved in the design of the intersection of the Capital Crescent Trail and Little Falls Parkway... I feel it is not just awkward... but less safe than before
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    • Washington Area Bicyclist Associaton (WABA) No. We're looking at it. The new realignment is odd, for sure. Why do you feel it's less safe? Angle change?
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    • Joel Gwadz how about sending out a SURVEY to the WABA members? There are a mass of daily trail users who may have an opinion on this either way
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    • Washington Area Bicyclist Associaton (WABA) Everyone, feel free to chime in with your input. Unfortunately, we don't have the ability to do a full member survey on each of the dozens of realignments/resurfacings that change conditions for cyclists in the region monthly. But please give feedback here or by email to advocacy@waba.org.
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ycycle said...

I was skeptical about the change.

And I think those sharp angles mixed with fall leaves and moisture will be bad news. It definitely slows me, the cyclist, down considerably because I don't trust the other users, especially walkers.

HOWEVER, I use this trail daily on my commute to work and I will say the cars have been stopping for us more than ever before. So this jury member is still out....