put yourself where you are most safe...

TAKE THE WHOLE LANE... if that is what is most safe
that is not the WABA way... that is the logical sensible way
WABA is working with the Maryland legislator signs marking that BICYCLES MAY TAKE THE FULL LANE

when I am in Rock Creek Park on my road bike and the road is doing its winds and its bends
when I take the full lane... I am not doing this just for me
I am doing this for those around me
I take the full lane because a pass at this point would not only be illogical... but also unsafe
even the car that wants to make the safe wide pass should not pass
they risk the head on collision
so... I go wide... making it less comfortable to attempt the pass
do the drivers understand? more than likely not

it is vital for the cyclist to do what needs to be done to ARRIVE ALIVE
no one cares about the cyclist's well being other than their family... their friends... and themselves
that car tailgating them... all they care about is "making good time"

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