dog sitting...


our family is currently dog-less
our Black Dog Brutus was put to sleep a few months ago
it is weird living without a dog after having dogs and then dog for nearly 14 years
life is different with dogs than without dogs

dog sitting for some neighbors
it is nice to have a dog in the house
it is nice to have the obligation to walk the dog
walking the dog gets me into the woods

it is good for the soul to get out into the woods

walked the loop across the street this morning
had been a while since I walked that look
14 years ago the path was hard to find
14 years ago the path was hard to follow

over the past 14 years I worked to make the trail more predictable
over the past 14 years I worked to make the trail more sustainable

the trail is tracked out
the single track is no longer single
I am no longer the keeper of these trails
it was a stressful battle that I have given up on

this is not a biker trail... this is a hiker trail
why is it that the bicyclist and the bicycle are seen as the villains
the majority of mountain bikers have an ethic
the majority of mountain bikers understand their impact and try to limit it and balance it

the hikers...the dog walkers... the runners
they use the trails rain or shine... I know.... I was no different
but... I tried to balance my impact by staying on the trail and by maintaining the trails
over the years I pulled thousands of bottles and all sorts of trash from the woods
I would say there is less dumping and less partying in the woods...
but very few clean up in the woods... I still find myself to be the one to clean up after the happy hour in the woods

enough on this... got to start my day

just found a tick crawling up my leg
ticks and lyme are something to think about
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