not much bike in my trip to New Mexico

there was not much bike in my trip to New Mexico
there were loaners where we were staying... but they did not appeal to me

this shot is from the Acoma Pueblo
a few more shots here

in Santa Fe there was a bicycle culture
there was some bicycle infrastructure
not quite as many bicycles as one would expect
almost more bikes for sports and recreaction than utilitarian cycling
at least where I was looking during my short glance during my short stay


Tim said...

During my five years living in Santa Fe, I found that most people I knew used bikes for sport more than utility. The town's infrastructure is not very bike-friendly, and some of the locals whose families go waaaay back resent the changes brought by "newcomers." I faced more harassment and hostility from young guys in cars there than any other city in which I've ridden.

gherlashdawn said...

I think New Mexico is one of the most beautiful places I've been to. America offers a significant number of temporary and permanent migration options for those looking to live and work in America. The landscapes are gorgeous and the mountain in Albuquerque just took my breath away.