Watching THE COVE

had heard of it
had blogged about it
took me a while
finally watching it
not regretting it

enjoying it

so... over a decade ago I was on a bachelor party with Peter of MY BIKE LAW
it was Peter's bachelor party
and it was as interesting and as unusual as Peter himself

no strip clubs... no limos... and definitely no naughtiness
so yes... an unorthodox bachelor party

we went camping on an island off the coast of Charleston South Carolina
a member of the wedding party chartered a boat
we all brought gear to camp
by my design we had mason jars filled with ice so each mixed drink would have ice without sand
a glow stick in the Jack Daniels GREEN helped us to locate the whiskey through the course of the evening

we had plenty to eat and drink around a camp fire on the beach

never did Bob Hope show up with a military helicopter filled with bikini clad babes
it was pretty tame
AWESOME.... yet tame... while awesome just the same

hung over we packed our tents and our bags and left off to meet the morning water taxi pick up
on the beach I saw a dolphin swimming along the beach
I ran along side of it... I ran... I sprinted
the dolphin paced with me at the surface
I could swear that it was making eye contact with me as I ran down the beach

it was as if the dolphin was communicating with me
like a fool I stripped my clothes off as I ran down the beach
the dolphin appeared to be smiling... maybe laughing
down to me underwear I dove into the water

the dolphin dove and did not resurface

I swam alone

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