not my story...

not my story...

three endurance athletes attempt to ride from Pittsburgh to Washington DC in 24 Hours

quite an undertaking
Mother Nature did her best to slow them down
she slowed them down... but did not stop them!

again... not my story

good job guys

rider three not pictured... he was already on a train headed home by this point

I was called in for support...
I shuttled one rider into DC from 30 miles out
too many flats... way too many flats for her to continue
then after grabbing her
I grabbed one of the male riders from roughly MILE ZERO on the C&O Canal

Good Job Jay Downs and Company!


Raymo853 said...

Fenders. Some one should have bought them a good set of bolt on fenders.

PoorDumbBastard said...

I had thought about putting mine. Just one of those 'Ahhh shit, why didn't I?' type deals. I even have one for the down tube. It still wouldn't have helped for the 5 thunderstorms we got hit with throughout the day and night.

PoorDumbBastard said...

That was one of those things I thought about putting on, but didn't for whatever reason. Certainly a 'poor dumb bastard' type decision. It would have kept a lot of the crap off us though we still had to deal with the 5 nasty thunderstorms throughout the evening and night.