the other day I made a call to Fleet Fleet in Adams Morgan...
called and asked if they had the Vibram Barefoot Sport Shoes

the woman on the other side of the phone sounded knowledgeable of the product
I spoke of my size 13 feet and she quickly made the conversion to a 46-47
with confidence she said she had those...
so I told her I would walk over and get a pair

normally I would ask the person to double check and have them in hand before I headed over
but her tone was so confident that I did not press the issue

I made the short walk from Mount Pleasant to Adams Morgan
strolled past the vacancy where FOOT ACTION once sold shoes and took my business to Fleet Feet

in Fleet Feet I was assisted by a friendly sales person
I was sized up and listened to the sale person talk about the shoes... a style of shoe he does not own or use
once I learned that he did not own a pair of these shoes I sort of stopped listening
as I am not fond of "sales talk from sales assistants"

well... I was sized as being a 47 by the sales person with the VIbram barefoot shoe sizer
and guess what happened... they did not have anything larger than a 46
I struggled to put on the unusual shoes
they felt fine... but I wanted to compare them to the 47s
they did not have that size
there was no opportunity to compare

after trying on the shoes I was asked... "is there anything else I can help you with today?"
trying to keep my cool I said, "no... I came to buy these shoes"
I refrained from letting my heart rate go up
I held back from getting into the whole fact that I called and was told that these shoes would be in stock in my size

needless to say
so... I left without shoes


I do not like SLEAZING the store by trying things on and then buying them online... but that is the situation that I am finding myself in

well... this gives me a few moments to read up on the shoes... so I know which style would best suit my needs

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