never four wheels at fault

the windshield perspective

when I read these newspaper or web articles
when I read the statements by police in these articles
all I ever hear is the windshield perspective

there are always rationalizations why these things happened
there is always some sort of mention as to why the two wheeled vehicle was at fault
sometimes there is mention of the absence of a helmet
sometimes there is the description of the incident eluding to the contribution of the incident on the part of the two wheel vehicle
ie. they darted out into the street

when really...
when there is an accident there should be a thought to the speed of the vehicle
and an immediate question as to whether or not they were paying attention
which has me thinking that there should be questioning as to cell phone use and texting
it should be routine to check this and to check the four wheel driver's cell records

pertaining to speed...
if there is an accident there should be a measure of the speed of the vehicle
Was that vehicle exceeding the SPEED LIMIT?
well... I would say that 99.9% of the time they were speeding
Speeding Excessively? perhaps not
but going over the stated speed limit

this rant was inspired by a story about a girl getting hit on a motorbike
the bike and the girl caught fire on impact
I hope that she recovers

image from here

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