in the other Washington...

Numbers Show Bike Traffic Fell Throughout Seattle

while here in Washington, DC there appears to be a dramatic increase in the number of bicyclists on the city streets
not sure of the data
but I can see more and more people on bikes every day

no... I am not standing on various street corners at different times of the day with an abacus calculating this stuff

this article talks about the last two years and the new mayor
in Seattle
I wonder about DC... yes the number of cyclists have steadily increased... or so it appears
but what about in relation to the new mayor, Vince Gray?
what has the new DC Mayor done to enhance this growth?

Is there a comparison between the contributions of former Mayor Adrian Fenty and current mayor Vince
if so... where can I find this information

a glance in front of me and I see bike lanes fading

and I am not so sure that I am seeing any new bike lanes being added
what sort of bicycle-pedestrian safety campaigns happened under Fenty versus Gray?

with more bicycles on the street there should be some formal addaptations to assist making the roads more safe for cyclists

in addition to bicycle lanes...

YES! Capital Bike Share Continues to Grow... even if there was fear that the Gray administration thought of this as nothing more than a collection of expensive "red toys"

what about parks?

I know that there was a huge push towards playground renovations under Fenty
all over the city parks and school playgrounds were renovated... but what about since Vince Gray has entered office?
how may new astro turf fields have been added?

can someone help me with a comparison between Vince Gray and Adrian Fenty
and with more than just my interests in kids soccer/sports and bicycle infrastructure
I am not following things that closely... I am just monitoring what I encounter each and every day


weird how little comes up when I search my own page

this to me seems suspect!


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