when you get to work... where do you lock your bike

to bring the bike into the building
protecting the bike from the weather and from the thieves

in NY there is a conflict over a law that forbids cyclists from bringing their bicycles into their work place


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Bruce's Bike Blog said...

For years I parked my bike in a closet near the freight elevator at the Univ of AZ College of Medicine and Nursing. Not a soul ever saw me go in or out. One day after work two very obese nursing faculty ladies caught me going through the door and ripped into me about how it was forbidden to have bikes in the building. While they were ranting, it occurred to me that they we having to take the old freight elevator to go up and down one floor to their offices--cause they were so f_ckin' fat they couldn't even walk up a small flight of stairs. This is when I understood the term Hater.