why did I stop my bike in front of your car today?

today I stopped my bike when a car behind me honked

I stopped and I gestured voicing question if they had honked at me
the driver nodded
I then pointed to the speed limit sign that was conveniently an arm's distance away from me
then pointed to her license plate from Ohio

she then went around me in the left hand lane honking and calling me an asshole as she sped away
she went into the left hand lane that was vacant all along

I pedaled forward
in less than two city blocks I was passing her and on with my day
the spit hit the side window instead of the windshield
oh well... I guess I am out of practice

why did I spit?
because of of statistics like this

DYING while cycling is three to five times more likely in America than in Denmark, Germany or the Netherlands.


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