Dad in DC

it is funny...
there is this thing
this idea
something I can not explain
maybe it is being explained by someone else...

there is this movie WHAT PUNK TAUGHT ME AS A PARENT

I watched the trailer... it looks good
it has a very American Hardcore feel to it
an updated version of PUNK LOVE, but not just DC

it amuses me
I am getting older... those around me are getting older too
the people I saw making music-creating music as a teen growing up just out side of DC are transforming into adults
or so it appears

there is a photo book called BANNED IN DC
I viewed it as the yearbook for the DC Punk Scene
the yearbook for these kids who were not in the yearbooks at their high schools
so they created their own... which is not so odd
as it also seemed that these people who were not accepted in the mainstream clique ended up creating an equally inclusive and exclusionary clique
but that is not the point

so many that were BANNED IN DC are now DAD (and moms) IN DC!
Dad in DC? sure... why not
it is a great opportunity for a photo essay
a sort of "where are they now?" sort of thing
in the course of the day I can see a string of these major players with their kids in tow

these once unconventional teens are seen in the city with toddlers on their necks, little kids in karate uniforms jumping out of mini vans, doing the standard stuff like taking their kids trick or treating or just the daily stuff like pushing their kids on a swing
it is funny... I see some of the major DC players from back in the day and they are doing all of these somewhat conventional things

the book Banned in DC

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