a few photos from Occupy DC Annex Freedom Plaza

Occupy DC at Freedom Plaza
Occupy DC taking up the skater's hang spots and the edges that they like to slide and grind
but really... it just would not be right to ollie into someone's nomadic home
someone could be taking a nap


but I am not sure if police let the skaters skate there anyhow
I skated there in my teens... not for extended periods... but I would street skate around the city
riding not carrying the boards
dropping in and kick turns on the quarter pipes in Georgetown

Occupy DC occupying the area where cyclists meet for Bike To Work Day each year
no room for a Bike to Work Day Rally here now...
I do not see CHANGE happening as soon as May... any thoughts as to where the DC Bike To Work Rally should meet?

only time will tell...


Occupy DC tent village in the foreground
US Capitol Building in the background

not sure what they have achieved... but they are still Occupying DC
and well... I support their effort

oh... today I brought down three inflatable mattress pads.... along with a brand new bicycle patch kit
also a few jackets... some tape... and a football
exercise is important for a healthy well being
it is fall... throw a football
which I inflated... a freshly inflated ready to play football

next week I will return with some books... a variety of good books
some classics... some beat classics... some art, art history, photography, and design books
a number of good books that might go well in their library

deliveries made on the cargo bike
crossing town on the Frankenbakfiet with its wheelbarrow

NPR: What Do Occupy Wall Street Protestors Want?
Occupy Wall Street Divided on The Daily Show

I wonder if Pedro's and Vinny's is doing more business
how about The Lobster Truck?

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