I need to clean out some old stuff... What is eWaste?

E Waste? Electronic Waste? E Cycling? What is E Waste? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_waste I have all sorts of old electronics that I may never use again some of it may still work but really how many power cables do I need? and those old Blackberry style USB connections? if I ever need that connection in the future I would expect the device to come with that cable and kids toys? to what level should I consider an electronic toy eWaste or just trash?

Christmas is coming... not a bad time to think of these things
some stuff just is not common knowledge!

like dry cleaning hangers...
take them back to your cleaner
and if you cleaner does not accept such things
maybe use a dry cleaner that is more responsible
in fact... they have environmentally friendly dry cleaners!

E Waste and the District of Columbia
what to do with your ewaste in Washington DC

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