I try... I try not to fall back on my default settings...

this morning when I grabbed Grant's bike from the garage I noticed that the rear wheel was not spinning
I tried to spin it... thought it may be out of true
thought maybe one of Grants landings off a curb or a ramp had put a hop in the wheel

but no... the brakes were rubbing
the left brake was pressed against the rim such that the wheel would not rotate

oh man.
sorry Grantman

yesterday when riding home from school Grant complained about his legs being tired
I demanded that he pick up the pace
when Grant fell behind I demanded that he pick up the pace
the complaints about tired legs were not to be accepted without a note from the doctor

poor guy
poor little fella

well... before loading the bikes on the car for drop off I grabbed a phillips head screw driver and an Allen set
a twist here and a tighten there
test with a pull of the lever
then a turn of a screw this way and a turn of another screw the other way

ah... spinning wheel and functioning brake
Grant is going to enjoy the ride home from school today

wish I had caught that sooner

wish I had offered Grant more patience on yesterday's ride


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