made my drop... took some video... cleared some space

nice yurt.
how often do you get to say that?
nice yurt... how very Mongolian of you

snagged this shot from Tino of Bike Lane Diary
this is the library at Occupy Toronto

Bike Lane Diary

Monday when I dropped the boys at school I left the bikes behind
my older son Dean has a cough and is battling a cold
no need to try to prove a point
more important for the boys to be healthy than to ride their bicycles in the cold and the rain just to show that they can ride in the cold and rain

while dropping the boys off at school I brought the last of the National Geographics
gave each of my boys' teachers a few bags of magazines
this is the second drop at the school... after the response I got last week from donating books and magazines I knew the right place to put these magazines that had each been read once... if at all

then once home I grabbed 4 more reusable grocery bags filled with books... books of themes that would not be age appropriate for a grade school
lots of good stuff... Hemingway... Hunter S. Thompson... some classics... some off classics... like Walden 2 instead of Walden... then also photo books... art books... all sorts of books that have been on my shelves but have not been getting much attention recently

attached the GoPro Camera to the front fork and the Kodak handheld video camera to the handlebars
thanks Peter Beers for the loaner cameras
loaded all these books into the wheelbarrow bike and pointed things towards downtown
just as the positive response of last week's book drop off at the kids' school had me excited about giving more to the school
last weeks' donation to Occupy DC had me excited about giving more to the tent camps downtown

last week I dropped off some jackets and three inflatable mattresses and a patch kit
when making the drop I asked if they accepted books... sure enough... there is a library... they will accept books
so... on this misty morning I pedaled down the hill towards 14th and K Street... Occupy DC Annex II

the visit was quick
I had an appointment back at home with the windshield repair guy
who called just as I rolled up to make my drop
so much for the request for a 30 minute warning

made my drop... did not make much small talk
then sprinted back home
well... sprinted as best as I can sprint on the Frankenbakfiet

it felt good to donate the goods
it felt good to clear some space and get rid of some stuff
good all around

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