very cool idea... but

it is interesting...

it is an interesting idea
it is a great concept
it is all warm and fuzzy even with the snow and the cold
but really... I am not sure if it is the best use of the resources

the other night I was at a party
as per usual... my line of logic was in-congruent with those around me
go figure.
oh well... I am not sure why I bother

so... there here it is fall... summer is behind us and we are starting to look forward to winter
around the backyard fire pit there was the discussion of skiing
one of the dad's at this multi-person birthday party was talking about a ski trip that he was involved in organizing
a trip to Canaan Valley West Virginia with a large group of "city kids"
kids who more than likely have never skiied before

the idea excited me
the idea also amused me
it excited me because I love the notion of skiing and snowboarding
it amused me because I grew up middle class and no one ever took me skiing

after a supportive discussion where I shared a short list of ideas that were forgotten before the next morning

oh well...

in the end after my helpful suggestions I had to bring in what I thought to be a rational spin

yes... this could be a great weekend
these city kids could be exposed to a world that they had never seen before (and may never see again)
I did not get heavy on the notion of cold weather and the number of kids who are going top spend three days in the lodge drinking hot cocco and eating french fries in front of the fire
I did not pontificate about kids pointing it down the hill and ending up in the hospital
no... I did not try to go into all of the "what ifs"

but I did say one thing
so... you are estimating a 280 dollar expense per child for three days
when a new bicycle could be purchased that they could ride for four seasons for a few years
that line of logic was shot down as quickly as my other suggestions were forgotten
but really
which would benefit the child\children more?

a trip to the mountains in West Virginia for three days
a bicycle that they can use for transportation and\or sport for what could be three years?

when ever I see CAR GIVE AWAY on Oprah or Ellen I think
wow... this family has been given a car
when really
many people could have been given a bicycle

no one listened to that idea either

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