if it is such a great idea... maybe you should do it yourself

this morning when taking the boys to school we worked our usual routine of parking a few blocks away
on this day we did not bring the bikes
I am working the late shift and will not be able to pick the boys up

rather than rolling several blocks into school we walked it
which is fine
we get to talk while moving at a faster rate of speed than the line of cars on Reno Road

while we walked down the road we caught the aftermath of a construction vehicle catching a low hanging wire
the wire swung freely after being disconnected at one end

it was not a power line
maybe phone... maybe cable...

we continued walking

as we walked a car driver shouted out to me
"hey, why don't you go to that house and tell the people about the fallen wire?"

what a great idea... NOT!
if this is such a great idea why doesn't this guy park his car and make this happen
I barked back to the man in the line of traffic
"I am walking my boys to school... if this is such a great idea... why don't you do it?"

the man put his cigar back in his mouth and kept driving
only driving more slowly than we walked

often people have these great ideas for other people to do things
I get this
I witness it all the time
especially here in dc

lots more management than labor

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