it is like Christmas in December!

yes... it is like Christmas in December
a box arrived in the mail for me yesterday
a shoe box tightly wrapped
it was a Sketchers shoe box... the box had my name on it... but I had not ordered shoes from Sketchers

when I saw the return address I knew that it contained some Ergon Products!

I knew that the shoe box contained Ergon Products because the sender's name was Dave Wiens

it is always exciting to get a care package
especially if that parcel contains items that are bicycle related
even more so when it is an unexpected box of bicycle related products that arrived on the cheap

last year at The National Bike Summit I met Dave Wiens
of course I knew who he was when I saw him from across the room
I admit... I avoided interacting him
a mixture of his blonde haired Tom Cruise good looks and his history as a ultra end
urance mountain biker made me think that he would be... well... for a lack of better words... an asshole...

as so many elite athletes are arrogant assholes

well... it just was not so
at one of the advocacy meetings I found myself standing next to Dave Wiens and we struck up some pleasant conversation
Dave was very approachable... very nice and very real... and very normal
go figure?
I guess this is one of those "don't judge a book by its cover" sort of scenarios

Dave and I made contact
we talked about bikes and life
I got an idea of what Dave was working on as far as bicycle advocacy in his part of the world
we exchanged business cards and each got a kick out of the fact that we had both selected the same template for business cards from Microsoft Word

the National Bike Summit came to a close
and well... I had a stack of business cards
many of these cards with raised lettering and gold seals
some of these cards for products and others from advocacy groups

well... talk is cheap
at the Summit lots of people made lots of promises
maybe being on Capital Hill brings out the politician in people
the majority of those promises were empty... vacant... beyond vacant

I emailed a number of people directly and then mass emailed others
tried to finish conversations that had been started

funny.... the only connection made at the National Bike Summit that actually gave me a response was that from Dave Wiens
on top of that... Dave asked me if I was interested in trying some of the Ergon products... their grips... their bags... what ever

the grips are on my single speed... I dig the comfort and the control...
when commuting... the pack is on my back

Ergon is aptly named... this stuff is form and function as well as being quite fashionable
just last night I loaded up the pack with a change of clothes, a U-lock, and a six pack
crossed town and did not arrive with need to visit a chiropractor

a few weeks back Dave and I were chatting over the inter web and I was offered some Ergon flat pedals
sure... that would be sweet!
I could use some nice flat pedals for my "bar bike" or better yet my pump track bike!

so... when I opened the box I was stoked to see these very cool flat pedals and then also some very awesome gloves!
the pedals are not yet on my bike
but the gloves have already been put to the test...
the gloves are a large... I may be an XL... but... they a stretching to fit and fit like a glove

thanks Dave
thanks for the hook up and thanks for restoring my faith in the fact that not EVERYONE is full of shit
Happy Holidays!
thanks for the care package
enjoy the Colorado mountain trails before they get covered in snow!

I often misspell things... including Dave's last name

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