WHAT? DCist has more information than their webpage

Velodrome coming to DC in 2012

DC Velodrome

I will believe it when I see it!

sounds awesome
I look forward to seeing this thing get erected
then I look forward to riding it... at least to check it out
as I do not expect to get into "track racing"

where are we going to put the bicycle infrastructure for people who like to ride natural surface trails?

Pump Track at RFK?

it says... and I quote... "+more" on the Capitol Riverside Youth Sports Park
okay... is there a climbing facility?
parkour sculpture garden?
this is an awesome concept
except it needs a few tweaks

the Capitol Riverside Youth Sports Park could use a PUMP TRACK and a single track terrain park

Capitol Riverside Youth Sports Park

where is a kid to ride a bike?
the roads in DC are no place for a child to mess around on their bike... ride on those streets yes... but mess around... racing friends and such... best to race on the track away from bumpers and grills being thrusted about by speeding lunatics with no concern for anything but themselves and that incoming call

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