Chasing Legends

just sat down with the in-laws to watch Chasing Legends

they would have made it through the whole thing had it not been for the boys incessant asking, "are we gonna watch the whole thing? are we gonna watch the whole thing?"
the boys have seen the film a few times... they were looking to watch Avatar
it pleased me that the in-laws were as interested in this film as they were

Chasing Legends is a fantastic introduction to the concept of road cycling and The Tour de France
if you have not seen Chasing Legends you are a sucker... a complete sucker
this film is a neo-classic
and I am not saying this just because my younger son Grant is in one of the opening scenes

mentions of Chasing Legends on the Gwadzilla page

Chasing Legends...
buy it TODAY...
this is a fantastic film to inspire you on the trainer or to go out with your buddies on a serious road epic
this film follows HTC Columbia and explains the subtleties of the Tour de France that is interesting and entertaining to both the avid cyclist and the individual is completely in the dark that there is more to bicycle racing than riding a bicycle fast

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