DEMONS. Don't Give into the DEMONS!

here it is morning...
the morning came sooner than expected
I knew that morning was coming
I just did not expect the morning to arrive so soon

the morning came and I shouted out some instructions for the boys to get up and start getting ready
not sure why... but they each got out of bed and started getting ready
I guess they had a morning agenda that was unbeknownst to me

often the boys wake early to watch some television or play some video games
as the boys are not allowed screen time (this is a loose rule) on school nights
they are permitted to wake up early... but not too early... and play/watch some screens
it was not long before I hear the sound of remote control helicopters whizzing around

eyes open but still in bed I heard the phone
I knew who it was... sure enough... Momma Lisa giving a call to be sure that we were all up and away
Lisa has been doing this morning boot camp workout that gets her out of the house while we are still locked down in dreamtime

I got up to answer the phone and make the official start to my day
as I passed the boys on my way to get coffee I issued the standard orders with the threat of making threats
they seemed to take me seriously

as I sipped my coffee I made some breakfast
sleep still in my eyes I cut a grapefruit, peeled a banana, toasted a pop tart, and poured some milk
as I put things out for the boys I saw that they were still flying their helicopters
as ready as they were... they were not as ready as I had instructed

backpacks still needed to be packed
socks and shoes needed to be put on their feet
and gloves and hats needed to be located

the boys rushed past me and took seats at the table

still in my boxers I went upstairs with my coffee to the computer
scanned the web as the wheels slowly started turning
out the window I could see it was cold
through the windows of this 100 year old house I could feel that it was cold

we rode the bikes home from school yesterday
malaise or just plain laziness had me thinking that we would leave the bikes at home today

a few more sips of coffee and a few plays of Facebook SCRABBLE and I noticed the time
still in my boxers and lunches had yet to be made

in the classic Dagwood Bumstead style I started to move with a tornado of activity

back downstairs I issued more orders to the boys
a little more firmly this time
then I grabbed some clothes and got dressed
once I was dressed I started to make the lunches

watch this... watch this... watch this
my seven year old Grant flew his helicopter as I started to pack lunches
last night he was more successful with having the helicopter hover by my ear
today the "trim" may be off

after multiple crashes I instructed Grant to take his helicopter into a larger room before it breaks

hesitancy was still overwhelming me
lunches were still not finished
I was not yet completely dressed
the boys were not quite ready
and I still had to find a USB Flash drive for Dean

the bikes did not seem like an option

instead of thinking about the bikes I took action
I grabbed the bikes and loaded them on the roof of the car

running late I passed off a USB Flash drive to ten year old Dean and then voiced my frustration with their ignoring all my orders to finish getting dressed and getting ready
I followed my stern remarks with a gentle and sincere I LOVE YOU

we left out the door

as we got towards the car a neighbor offered to take my boys to school
sure... that would be great
but we are bringing the bikes
so I grabbed their kid instead

hope it warms up for the post school bike ride
yesterday was EPIC!
we went to the park and got to ride home before the sun disappeared

today I expect some of the same

it is good not to give into the demons

what about me
I think I have a small window today to go for a bike ride
am I going to hide from this wind?

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