the movies...

the family went to the movies yesterday...

although my ten year old son Dean had already seen it
he felt it was worth seeing it again
so we went to see Tin Tin in 3D
as I hate seeing the 3D movies in the standard display mode

if you are considering seeing Tin TIn in 3D... go for it!
it is a little shy of believable... but so is Mission Impossible (which I have yet to see)
my only issue with the film was the selfishness of Tin Tin in his quest... basically as he beat up the world he tore up every town in the process
chances are innocent people lost their lives and families lost their homes
all in his quest to get his story... solve a crime... and achieve wealth and glory
luckily all the damage that was done was computer generated

CGI has hit new heights on this one
so did 3D!

The Adventures of Tin Tin

image snagged from here

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