part reviews are not really my thing

Bike Reviews shares their impression of the Ergon Flat Pedal PC2

part reviews are not really my thing
I tend not to read part reviews
I tend not to write a part reviews

who wants to read a pedal review?
oh... someone looking for a better pedal

well... Ergon is always looking to build that "better mousetrap"
Ergon's Bike Ergonomics covers a wide spectrum of products
perhaps best known for their grips... Ergon may soon be best known for their flat pedals
or maybe their packs

a number of years back Jeff Kerkove was at the 24 Hours of Big Bear with an Ergon booth
Jeff was loaning out Ergon grips to racers
it is a simple sales technique... "try it... you will like it!"
and sure enough
people rode and raced with those grips
many people buying the grips at the end of the race weekend

well... I must admit
I have had this same experience with the Ergon PC2 Flat Pedal
last month I got a package in the mail from Dave Wiens
some gloves and some pedals
I was quick to put the gloves to use
but slow to try the pedals

oh... flat pedals
big whoop I thought

well... this weekend I put these Ergon pedals on my a crusty and a bit rusty Karate Monkey Single Speed that I use for some around town riding
the bike had been downgraded from trail worthy a while back
the cranks have some old Shimano SPDs that I use with some old shoes
while the pedal of choice on my ride and race bikes are Time

who would have thought that there could be such a descrepancy between flat pedals
which means that most other pedals SUCK!

Saturday night the boys had a sleep over which allowed for my wife and I to ride our bikes downtown to get dinner before catching the King Face reunion show at The Black Cat
it amazed me how comfortable I was pedaling the bike with my somewhat clunky Blundstones on my feet

it was a mellow out and back
but I could definitely feel a greater level of comfort and control with the large pedal with its grippy platform
sure... nothing connects the bike to the body like clipless pedals and cleats
but that is not for everyone
and that is not for every ride

these pedals may very well be the best option other than the pedal and shoe combination for comfort and control

Dave Wiens
Jeff Kerkove

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