nice image.

in my youth I was a paper boy...

I delivered The Washington Star
it was an afternoon paper
while in contrast The Washington Post was and is a morning paper
I have never been a morning person
morning deliveries never worked for me

I delivered newspapers on my bicycle
I had a Raleigh Sprite 5 Speed and a back up Sturmey Archer 3 Speed with a red frame by a British manufacturer that I can not recall
each bike was equipped with a milk crate attached to the rear rack with a bungee cord

it seems like a different time
a time closer to the '50's than the '70's
a moment in time not at all like today

the Washington Star vanished out from under me
the paper and its circulation disappeared and took my afternoon job with it

shortly after that I witnessed a change
less kids and more adults delivering newspapers

similarly, I cut lawns
cutting lawns was a job done by neighborhood kids
that too changed over time
adults with landscaping jobs taking over those tasks

New Belgium

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