listen to this

when I am walking the dog, taking the kids to school, or riding my bike...
so often I hear someone honk their horn
sometimes at me
sometimes at another car driver

the horn is such an unpleasant way to get someone's attention
sure I give a double tap and wave to a friend
and yes...
I use it to wake up the car in front of me when the driver is so focused on their cell phone or smart phone that they are going to cause me and others to miss the light

I realize...
there are more people around me than those in the cars
people on the street
and horns are noise pollution

so often a person does something in their car that is inappropriate, inconsiderate, or dangerous and the surround car driver responds with their horn
when they lean on their horn and I am standing there I can not help but think
there is a shift in "who is the asshole""

the obnoxious driver one loses the crown
and the person leaning on the horn becomes the joker, the jerk, the asshole

give that a listen
thanks Aaron (I thought it was Alex) for sharing

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