Dinner at Dodge City

Dodge City in DC

last night I had a coaches meeting
the U9 coaches met for a pre-season gathering to remind us what this whole thing is about
there is some discrepancy
not everyone is on the same page
which is fine... as that is reality

after the coaches meeting I rode my bike across town and headed over to Dodge City for dinner
Cargo Mike has been manning the grill on the back patio on Wednesday Nights
thought I would head over and say hello and check it all out

cool scene at Dodge City

it was a crisp night... not cold... but crisp
that was no worry
they have those propane heaters on the back deck

hung out with Cargo Mike as he cooked up a Thai Chicken Sausage with grilled onions and peppers
ah... delicious
the variety of mustards and sauces were the icing on this cake
the wasabi mustard may have been my favorite

after a few beers I could not resist another sausage
for the second sausage I went with a Hot Link with Chilli, Cheese, and freshly chopped onions

good stuff for sure

nice to get out... I do not go out as much as I should
in addition to seeing Cargo Mike I ran into a number of old friends
nice space that Dodge City

Dodge City is right next to The Velvet Lounge
in the space once occupied by King Pin... or so I think


when I was in Santa Fe I went to Matador... 
a DC Dive Bar in Santa Fe
owned and operated by Sharvine... the former owner of King Pin in DC

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