Chris Soda... ALIVE and on the mend!

while making a mad dash through some oppressive DC humidity to get lunch from a DC Food Truck I ran into Chris Soda
always great to see Chris Soda

this was the first time I have seen Chris since his accident on the bike
conversationally Chris seemed all there... well... as all there as he ever was
and his body... well... he body seemed good although it was clear that he is not the spry athlete that he was before the accident
Chris seemed to be a little awkward on the right side of the body as well as being a little slow go get around
but given the choices
CHRIS IS ALIVE and well... there was a moment where it was pretty scary

but... there is still lots of therapy for Chris to go through before he is fully recovered
that is... if full recovery is an option
I am not certain of the long term damaged caused from the head trauma
I am not sure if there will be a permanent partial disability from this bicycle accident
so... if you want to help... here is the page

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