the idiom of "counting sheep"

counting sheep...
what is the root of this notion of counting sheep to help oneself fall asleep

I think it is quite simple
counting sheep is a shepard's JRA

Just Riding Along

I am certain that the farmer asked the young shepherd who he managed to let the wolf snatch his sheep in the night
where the most likely response was... "well, I was counting sheep... and I fell asleep"

Out of Step
the last album by Minor Threat
not their last release... they had one last 7 inch release
but this was the last album that was released shortly before the last and final break up of Minor Threat

an interesting history that I do not know much about

a documentary on Minor Threat and Dischord Records is a project that needs to happen

I think I rode my bike to YESTERDAY AND TODAY records in Rockville to get this record when it was released
and my album may be that cover, the first pressing
I think it was absent of liner notes or any photos of the band members
but shortly after that there was a variety of slightly varied releases with slightly altered album covers
I remember the European imports having a red, green, or blue band across the cover

I was a record geek as a teen ager
and a football card collector as a child
no comic books

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