I am glad that my sport is biking and not boxing...

Knuckle... a film about bare knuckle boxing
here is something in the NY TIMES about this documentary about "fair fighting"
I guess it is about feuding more than sport

hard to believe that this exists
hard to believe that this is real
I guess that is part of the beauty of the documentary
this is real... not a scene from Guy Ritchie's SNATCH
real people... real life.... and documentary... not reality show
yes there is that who sociological theory about how the observer alters the behavior of the people they are watching
we just had to accept that aspect of things

I hate to say... I am looking forward to this rematch... 
this guy is ready to fight

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gwadzilla said...

the subtitles are making it hard for me to blog...
the accents are so thick... the subtitles are vital