photo of me on the Mount Vernon Trail by Martin Fernandez

the above photo is now my banner shot
thanks MARTIN!

the other day I took a less than direct ride into work
had the time to extend it... so I did
looped through the city then hit a short section of the Mount Vernon Trail in between the 14th Street Bridge and Key Bridge

on this ride with the camera slung around my neck I ran into Martin Fernandez who was out on his bike with the camera as well
Martin is working on a DC BIKE RIDES book
this should be a good one!

 I snapped two over the shoulder shots of Martin as he left off for his next location and I left off for work

Memorial Bridge in the background... cyclists of various intensities on the bike path

in addition to running into Martin I also ran into another friend
who interestingly enough is also from Peru
snapped this shot of her

I will keep you informed when I know more about the release of Martin's book!

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