feeling a little better... a little stretching should set me right

oh man... oh oh man...
yesterday I woke up feeling a little sore from the riding and racing my mountain bike in the mud the day prior
like a fool I did very little to set things right
instead I went about my day

should have gone for a spin to loosen up the legs
instead I took the dog for an epic hike in Rock Creek Park
that hike had me limping home with tight calves,sore body, and happy dog
only to have me wake up this morning with my lower back twisted in a knot

this morning before walking the dog I lathered up my lower back with IcyHot
refilled my cup of coffee and took to the woods
by the end of the hike I felt a good release
a little twist from side to side and I her a snap and a pop releasing the tension

always helps to crack my back!

the stretching is vital... but sometimes it needs some asistance
yes... much better

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