got this news through Super Dave and the Interwebs

I heard some tough news through the interweb

Bid of bad news to share:
Ron Green's son, Lil Ron aka J"Ron Brown was killed recently.
Some of you remember Lil Ron following his dad around on his bike.
Going Home Services are Saturday June 30th 2012 at The New Hope Baptist Church, 3400 Pinevale Ave, Forrestville, Md. Viewing 10am to 11am. Services at 11am. Burial Site is Glenwood Cemetery 2219 Lincoln Rd , Washington DC 202-667-1016. Donations are being accepted for burial site for J'Ron Brown 202-667-1016.
I got this info from Ron the other day. Sorry for the delay in posting it.

here is a note to Ron... since I do not know how to get it to him.. I will post it here


Ron Green you are a good man. I am sorry for your loss. I am certain you are in great pain. Hopefully one day you will find peace with this loss. Life is not fair. Life can be cruel.

I am deeply saddened by your loss
your friend
stay positive
stay strong

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