I have a hard time with all the distain for the cyclists... when the cars and buses are more dangerous

this cartoon depicting pedestrians celebrating the delay of NYC Bike Share is funny
not funny the way it is intended 
it is funny because people are always complaining about "the skofflaw cyclist"
there are always these "show and tell" experiences of being buzzed by a cyclist
when really... cars-trucks-buses are all far more dangerous and threatening to pedestrians

the cars-trucks-buses bully any and all around them
rarely yielding to pedestrians
seldom giving the pedestrians their right of way

but... because the pedestrian was SPOOKED by the cyclist that seemed to have appeared from no where
well... then the cyclist is the villain 
when really... if people were more alert of their surroundings... simply occasionally glancing somewhere other than their smart phone or their shoes and they may see the approaching cyclist
so often pedestrians move without factoring the bicycle into the situation
then they freak out when the cyclist passes them
even if the cyclist has the light or the right of way

Sphere of Awareness... we would all do well to increase our "sphere of awareness"

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