WOW! their plans changed... but they still had an adventure

I met a couple that was on DAY ONE of an epic bicycle tour from DC to Chile...

While our whole blog is up (and still posting daily, since it's about a month behind our real-time) at www.werenotthereyet.com, the long and the short of it is that we cycling to Panama, but after getting robbed by a transvestite in Guatemala, catching him and spending a month prosecuting him (he's in jail now), and getting robbed at knifepoint on the Panamerican highway in Honduras (I fought the attackers off, and carried a 24" machete from then on), we decided that the Americas were too dangerous. We flew to New Zealand, cycled that, then sold our bikes and learned Indonesian. We traveled through Malaysia and Indonesia for 3 months, then visited Myanmar, Korea and Japan.

As to the trip being the "glue that binds us together or the crowbar that pries us apart" (your words, I think), I can happily report that I proposed after two weeks on the trip, she said yes, and neither one of us has regretted it for a second!



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