Remember Alice Swanson?

Ghost Bikes...
there is an article about Ghost Bikes in The Washington Post

as per usual there are nasty comments
ignorant and nasty comments

so often when I read about a bicycle fatality I can see that the police report and the article itself are written from the windshield perspective

if a cyclist is struck by a car there should be a measure of a few things
check the driver's cell phone records
check the driver's speed

what the write ups about these fatalities seem to forget that there is an actual speed limit
if the car driver is going one mile an hour over the speed limit when they strike the cyclist... they are speeding
then... for every ten miles an hour over the speed limit they increase the odds of fatality

it a car is driving 35MPH in a 25MPH Zone and strike a cyclist
they should be investigated and subjected to criminal charges 


Do you remember Alice Swanson? I bet her friends and family do...

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