A boy named Sue...

a story in the NY Daily News talks about bicycle accidents in Central Park

as a father I do not try to blame my children for things that happen
but I want them to know that they often contribute to things
things that sometimes could be avoided

last night I did some work on my older son's bike
a few weeks ago we were riding and he tried to catch this little air
his chain was slapping
then while rolling forward fast he went over a stick

that stick jumped up
got caught up in his chain and rear wheel
pulling the rear derailleur into the rear wheel
breaking the replaceable derailleur hanger

what it his fault?
well... it could have been avoided
he did have a contribution to the incident

in this case of the blind pedestrian...
well... I am not sure if suing the city makes sense
with that logic... any pedestrian or cyclist ever injured in the city could sue the city
and the police enable the behavior by not curbing the behavior

the solution may involve creating more BICYCLE FOR SPORT facilities


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