the after school bicycle ride...

trying to fit in the after school bike ride
there is the time
I need the focus and the motivation to make it happen
it really does not take that much longer to load the bike up and ride over
it just takes that much effort

as for the ride home
once I have the boy on the bike
our extended loop home is only a little longer than the drive home
a tad longer in time
a lot more fun in reality

need to try to make this happen more often
currently I have only managed to make it happen once a week
need to tip the scales
there needs to be more post school bike rides than drives home from school

that is on me
it is all on me
I blame myself
even if I would prefer to blame society 

the glitch?
with my morning schedule my wife Lisa is handling morning drop off
which means that the boy is at school without his bike
riding with the bike in the wheel barrow is sort of like climbing the stairs with a sack of potatoes
if there is an elevator... it just seems to make more sense to take the elevator

I need to grab that sack of potatoes and take the stairs

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