first week of school... first post school bike ride

new school year... new routines
the boys are getting older

things have changed
the dynamic of my boys' lives have changed
these dynamics effect us the parents
nothing dramatic... just change... just the evolution of their lives
nothing more than the natural progression of their growth and where they fit into society

young Grant has entered third grade at the same school
while older Dean has started 6th grade... a different school in a different part of town... Middle School rather than Elementary School... 
this puts the boys on different campuses needing different modes of transport to get to and from school

Lisa and I are splitting the pick up and drop off of young Grant
with my new early morning schedule at work... Lisa has full responsibility of getting the boys out of bed, dressed, and then off to school
and yes... lunches... lisa needs to make lunches
Grant needs to be driven
while Dean is taking a city bus that is chartered for DC Public School Students
Dean is experiencing a new level of freedom... and liking it!

it is a bit of an adjustment... not just for the boys... but for all of us

one day this week I decided to ride bikes home from school with young Grant

previously post school bike rides would happen where I would drop the boys off at school with their bikes
riding just a few blocks from the parked car to school
then I would ride my bike... meeting the boys at school...  taking a ride home after school
but with Lisa handling drop off... I had to get creative

one day last week I put Grant's bike in the wheelbarrow of the Frankenbakfiet
rode across town with his lead sled bungeed to the wheel barrow
Grant was excited to ride... it was a surprise for him to see his bike... a pleasant surprise

it is not the same riding with the one child rather than the two
far less fighting
a little less anxiety
and well
also a little less fun

Grant and I enjoyed our ride... this is something that more than likely will not happen every day
but it is something that needs to happen one or two days a week every week
it takes a little more work
but it is worth it


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