I think I remember this from The White Shadow...

or was it an episode of Chips?

but really... I have no idea what this is
but it looks FUCKING COOL!

is that on the ellipse behind the white house?
is this a lemans start?

what is the event?

who are these racers?

and of course...
who won? 

and... where are they now?


gwadzilla said...

I think the answer is here... and it seems like it is 1985 and not 1935 like I thought http://www.ncvc.net/members/history/Event%20Announcements/program-NCO-1985.pdf

Bret Harris said...

For a few years there in the 80's they held an annual "Messenger Race" on the Ellipse - must have been at the same time as the Capital Open cycle race. It was designed to test various skips - I believe the messengers sprinted to their bikes and unlocked them, then cycled to "pick up the package" then back, re-lock the bike and spring back to the finish line.

I always wanted to enter, since with my u-lock on my radio case on my hip I could be locked or unlocked in a couple seconds...but I never entered. But I am pretty sure I recognize a face or two in the photo.