More acorns dropping than usual?

every year there are cicadas
but... there is also the cycle of the 17 Year Cicada
I wonder... are the Oaks going through something similar with their acorns?
there certainly seem to be more acorns dropping than usual this year

I recall several years back... not 17 years ago... but a handful of years ago
there were enough acorns that the kids on the block filled up a plastic bucket large enough to hold a keg with acorns
which has me thinking... the Oak trees must run a 3 or 5 year cycle of MASS PRODUCTION

yesterday I was on my back deck with a broom sweeping up the acorns
as I swept more fell
some fell close
one or two even hit me

it was as if I was being pelted with acorns

as I swept I heard a voice over the fence
it was my neighbor Paul

Paul said... "ya know what you should do? you should wait... the acorns are going to fall for another three weeks..."
to Paul I replied... "I know... but I am crazier than you think...:"
Paul- "no you're not... I know you are crazy"
I went on to explain to Paul that I planned on taking the acorns down to the woods at the end of the block
the broken ones and the whole ones
I figure that some of these seeds could serve us better is they were in the woods rather than on my back deck

I marched down to the woods with the dog at my side
conscious the whole time that my actions were quasi suspect
as I understand that it is wrong to dump in the woods... even if it is your yard clippings
why? it is organic... because... if everyone were to drop their yard clippings in the woods then the woods would look more like a dump than a National Park

so... I brought this large bag of acorns to the end of the block and just dumped them out 
no... I did not walk like Johnny Appleseed and toss a handful to each side
I simply dropped the whole mass in an area just past the end of the alley 

thinking... these acorns could grown into a tree... feed the squirrels... or break down into soil
any and all better than them being bagged and hauled off to a landfill

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