okay... I have monitored my activity... need to start monitoring my Caloric intake

a few weeks back I got the NIKE FUELBAND
it is cool... it is slick... it is sleek... it is everything I expected and everything I had hoped... 
but still have not instituted a program to have this device help me to lose weight
thus far... I am just counting steps

I am counting steps and doing nothing to increase activity
as it turns out... my base activity is above and beyond the lower limits

when I got the device I went through the initial set and selected the lower goal limit
without effort
with my standard walking the dog and chasing the kids I hit the mark of 3,000 steps each and every day
well... except for the first day where I charged the device and did not start my count until late afternoon

so here it is...
I will kick it up from 3,000 to 6,000
which will do little except for delay when the LED Display reads GOAL
this means I need to investigate further what it means to count calories

everyday I start my day with a cup of coffee... usually two.... usually low fat milk and sugar
How Many Calories in a Cup of Coffee?
the heads up... store bought "candy" coffees are choc full of calories... especially when you add milk and sugar... proceed with caution!
but my home brew... with low fat milk and a little sugar is not that bad

my kids are headed up to Heller's Bakery... the are walking the dog... they are hanging with friends... they are in search of donuts
I put in an order for an Everything Bagel with Sausage, Egg, and Cheese
that will be a Calorie filled feast... but we need calories? right?
Breakfast Calories

what about Fast Food in general?

JUICES are one of my EVILS.... so often I am thirsty and I open the refridgerator... simply grab the juice and slug it down... this needs to change


Is the Nike Fuelband worth the cost?

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