a few years back... still no response from the First Lady

yes... a few years back I met with my then older son's 3rd grade class and gave a led a session on "writing a persuasive speech"

yes... some would think that my methods with a pen are closer to greetings with a battle axe than diplomacy
but... yes...
I lead a session on "writing a persuasive speech"  on the topic of legalizing mountain biking on the natural surface trails of Rock Creek Park

I never saw the letters that the children wrote
as far as I know... the First Lady never responded

here is a link to my mention of this letter to the First Lady

amusing to me...
one day I was at an IMBA Trail Solutions trail work day at Fort Dupont and I met a man and his son who were also volunteering this day
this young man turned out to be the sister of Kayla, the young girl gave the speech with the hula hoop
random... totally random

Gwadzilla mention of Obama

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