A lesson on patience...

Max... the black dog in the background
perspective is confusing
Max is twice the size of Didg

a lesson in patience
an old dog is a lesson in patience
just as an old person is a lesson in patience

I guess children and puppies could be lessons in patience
but they tend to be more lessons in anger and frustration
I guess I need to study more and practice more patience

my parents dog Max is staying with us for a few weeks
Max is a good dog... but Max is getting old

as with many older dogs Max is having a little problem holding his bowels 
well... at least we had to incidents on day one
perhaps the regular walks and the time outside will prevent further "incidents"

just as with the bowels there are also the hips
Max is fine on level ground... but stairs are not an option

as we do not live in a ranch house
I am finding myself carrying the dog
since Max has no need to leave the first floor... I do not carry Max around the interior of the house
but... on each walk there are a series of stairs to get him into the house

Max... Max is not only old... Max is big
lifting Max makes me feel old

I try to be patient with Max just as I try to be patient with my boys
it is easier to be patient with the old dog than the young kids
yet I try just the same

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