funny... I like this comment

saw this on the Prince of Petworth

I encountered this fallen tree on the Capital Crescent Trail a few weeks back
it was a similar situation of people trying to figure out what they were going to do
and well...
I thought it a good time to pass
especially the tandem that was in front of me 
as I thought that the tandem may have the most difficulty getting over the obstacle
making a quick dismount... a cyclocross hop... and a quick remount
up and over
on with my day

all with a polite excuse me as I passed people heading the same direction as me
and then an apology to the people I may have "snaked" coming head on
but really...
I flowed so through that I did not slow the confusion
as it was a cluster similar to this where people were unsure what to do
while I knew exactly what to do

this comment amused me...
"Poor cyclocross nerd is about to blow a gasket waiting to scamper over the fallen tree like a gazelle!!!"

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