more on this later... but your request is ABSURD... your actions are ignorant and without logic

reasons for ignoring this request?

it is not what is best for everyone involved
it is not congruent with how we solve problems

the request is not well thought out
the entire situation is not so well understood

if we were worried about allergies?
can I request that people do not wear perfume or cologne when on the school campus? I have an allergic reaction to some perfumes and some colognes

as far as safety is concerned...
the car misbehavior at pick up and drop off is a bigger issue in concerns with safety
I have discussed with the school administration on this
and they did nothing

then as far as the best interest of the students

not just the family that owns the dog looks forward to seeing the dog at the end of the school day
dozens of children interact with each of the dogs that arrives at school pick up at the end of each day

as far as the people who are anxious or uncomfortable about the dogs
I respect that
I try to keep my dog in control and not put anyone at risk
as far as irrational phobic behavior
I have worked to educated kids about appropriate dog behavior

not just in the afternoons at pick up
but when my dog was a puppy I brought him to each of my boys' classrooms and gave the kids a chance to meet the dog and then had a Q&A about appropriate behavior around dogs

then years ago when my first son was in pre-k I offered to bring my two dogs into class so that I could talk to the children about how to behave around dogs I was turned down
there was the safety and allergy thing... a quick no
but at the end of the year we had a Summer Birthday Parties party at hour house... the whole class took the bus and came to our house and I grilled in the backyard
I would say that more than half the class spent the entire party sitting and petting two dogs Roscoe and Brutus

this is the CONCLUSION!
it is wrong to remove the dogs because someone is scared of dogs
rather than breaking the cycle of parent teaching their child how not to behave around dogs
the school is enabling the inappropriate behavior
a near phobic reaction

enabling the behavior is the wrong response

more on this when I have a minute

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Nylonthread said...

One or two dogs are easy to keep under control. When unsocialized dogs are put in a situation with young kids and other unknown dogs and the parent/owners are too busy talking to pay attention to what is going on around them, it's annoying to say the least, loud and out-of-control at the worst.

I'm sure your dogs are well trained, but you can't say the same about everyone else's.